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Legalisation of cannabis

Comment 14th July 2010

Please change the laws on cannabis, billions could raised through taxation, dealers would be eradicated, no more contaminated weed slowly killing our people, yes it can cause mental health problems to a small percentage but in most cases those problems are underlying, what about all the people who have mental issues and havent used cannabis surely if they had then cannabis would be the easy diagnosis when the problem is obviously more than that.

I am fed up with being made to feel like a criminal for using something natural, grown from seed, its a disgrace, please do the right thing listen and embrace mine and other peoples views and change the face of country for the better , create new business oppurtunities and taxable revenue, legislate the cultivation, use and sale of cannabis to people over the age of 18 and most importantly give the freedom of choice back to the people.

Thank you.

Why does this matter?

we need change, this is for the better

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