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Legalisation of cannabis

Comment 14th July 2010

Grow and sell cannabis for £40 per quarter ounce(7grams) and sell from discrete dispensing shops in city centres. Encourage use of vapourisers and eating dope which removes the risks of cancer causing chemicals from smoke. You could have a massive privitized industry employing people and paying tax. I think Over 1 million ounces would be sold nationwide each month. Thats £160 million per month! I have smoked and now vapourise cannabis a few nights every week, I find it a very enjoyable and perfectly reasonable way to relax. It would attract a tourist trade to increase the intake of tax from sale of cannabis.

Why does this matter?

It will free police, prison and justice resources in time of cuts. It will decriminalise people like me who just like to get high like some people like to have a beer or listen to opera! I hope the coalition can be the first government to treat us all like grown ups with cannabis and allow us the freedom to enjoy it because being stoned can really be a wonderfull thing. Please go out and try it if you havent already before you have an opinion.

It will bring a massive new industry to the uk and bolster many indusrtries such as tourism, snack foods, "healthy weed" ie vapourisers, e-spliffs, hash cakes.

Cannabis has extensive medical applications – to deny those with ms and other health issues for dogmatic law is wrong.

The last government's treatment of prof. Nutt was disgusting. Scientists must be allowed to express themslves and Britain's independant advisors on science think we should legalise it.

Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg, I hope a reasonable result can emerge from this argument and the answer can only be legalising cannabis is the only fair and reasonable thing to do.

Legalise it now!

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