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Legalise all forms of weaponry.

Comment 9th July 2010

Guess which country in the world has the highest percentage of gun ownership ?

Guess which country in the world has the lowest level of gun crime ?

Switzerland is the answer to both questions.

18 year old males do military service and take home their automatic weapons. The entire country is armed, and the Swiss army will sell citizens more weapons if they wish to have them, even rockets and anti tank guns etc.

Are you going to try breaking into someone's house when you know they have an assault rifle in there ? Are you going to pick a fight with someone who probably knows where you live and has an assualt rifle at home. What do the young guys that have weapons training and are made to do their military service think about clowns with hand guns, is it really so cool after all ? Not really.

What is the use of a criminal carrying a gun or a knife if most of the population have assault rilfles ?

Make it absolutely legal and treat people with respect, educate them and you remove the problem. Make it illegal, restrict it, and you make it a problem, you make it cool and you make it advantageous to criminals.

Why does this matter?

Right to bear arms might not be part of the UK constitution, but it has until the last 50-100 years been one of the most basic tenets of civil freedom.

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