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Legalise and regulate Prostitution

Comment 14th July 2010

The current law forces prostitutes to ply their trade on the streets of run down areas of towns and cities, placing them in obvious danger, while out dated laws close down the very places where they would be able to practice prositution in safety. It is a fact of life that, while there are people that are prepared to pay for sex and people that are prepared to accept money for sex, there will be prostitution. I propose that brothels should be legalised and licenced in a similar fashion as has been done in Nevada and parts of Austrailia.

Why does this matter?

In applying this measure prostitutes and brothels could be inspected and tested for health and standards, which would clean up the industry and prevent spread of sexually related diseases. In addition, it would all but eraticate the "street trade" and improve safety for prostitutes.

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