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Legalise Canabis

Comment 6th August 2010

I know this is a touchy topic, but weed is just as bad as alcohol. Weed basicly has the same effects on you as alcohol yet one is banned and the other isn't. Why not take notes from the Netherlands and legalise weed. People are still smoking it even though it is illegal, meaning they are funding the underworld scene and probably buying drugs that are not safe. Legalising it would mean less harmful types of the drug was available and the tax generated from the sales of the drug would be huge. All you hear these days in about how much the government needs to reduce the deficit, well i think its time the government realises that this less harmful drug is been widely used and they should make it even more safer by regulating it and taxing it to make a profit.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because it brings money in the form of taxes into the government while tackling the underground scene by taking away there business. And making the drug more pure and cleaner.

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