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legalise canabis

Comment 2nd July 2010

canabis should be legalised for all as this plant is a natural herb with medicinal properties,

and it is well known to cure many disease's  so why are the goverment not allowing the people to take this medication, instead of all those LEGAL DRUGS that is available from the shops and do very little to relieve the symptoms of the illness that they were supposed to cure.

canabis should be allowed to be used for medical reasons, and it should be lawfull…

Why does this matter?

an ill person who takes canabis, is liable to be taken to court and will recieve a fine, this only persecutes the person for trying to heal themselves, which is a basic human right for all people, the goverment does not want this as they get more taxes by helping the drug companies who make drugs that clearly does not work.

its time the government wakes up to the fact that people know why they will not allow canabis to be legal.  and what abt all the people in prison for no crime at all except trying to make their lives a little better by taking canabis. WHO DOES IT HARM ?  it should be personal free will of the person who takes this plant for medicinal purposes.


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