Legalise currently illegal drugs

All illegal drugs should be legalised and made available at specialised NHS drop in centres.

A large number of crimes are committed to fund drugs habbits, which uses a large amount of police time. Also, though it's the drugs that get people addicted, it's often what they are cut with that kills/damages addicts, costing the NHS millions of pounds.

Instead all drugs should be legalised and clean versions of them made available at NHS addiction clinics, where addicts can access them and also access all the counciling/addiction advice/rehabilitation on the same site. This will instantly remove all drug related crime and stop the black market in smuggling and dealing with drugs.

There should also be research into some of the less potent drugs (cannibis being the most obvious) as to whether it could be allowed socially  and treated as alcohol or tobacco are (similar to the system in Holland).

Why does this idea matter?

This idea will have a dramatic reduction on crime, especially muggings and burglary. It will cut down the huge expendature on attacking drug related crime (including smuggling and the black market).

The clean drugs available will mean that addicts spend far less time in hospital and using up NHS resources, also at the addiction centres they'll have instant and confidential access to all the necessary services to help them to break their addiction.

Making the least potent drugs (like cannibis) legal and available in the same way as alcohol or tobacco will help increase government tax revenues from the sale of this product.

All of this will also get rid of the total farce of drugs classification.

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