Legalise Cycling on Pavements

Cycling on pavements should be legalised nationwide. Although cycling on the road should be encouraged, some roads are simply too dangerous. The understanding might be the pedestrian has the right of way over the cyclist (as pedestrians do with motorists). (I recently saw someone cycling along the A3 dual carriageway near Guildford – suicidal!)

As I understand, a pedestrian group that would resist this change is the blind. We need to balance the concerns of both groups. Some footpaths are currently marked as off limits to cyclists. This could be extended as required for the needs of specific groups of pedestrians. The fact is it is usual for a pedestrian to be killed by a cyclist, but it is too common for a cyclist to be killed by a car.

I think that cyclists are already liable if they injure other pavement users by reckless cycling(?)

Why does this idea matter?

This would reduce cycling deaths – currently around 16000 cyclists are killed on the roads each year. It would increase cycling which in turn promotes health and reduces pollution and CO2 release. Journey times would be cut for cyclists.

Also, this policy is cheaper than individually designating footpaths as cycleways (no signage is required).

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