Legalise, regulate and tax cannabis

Yes it is a drug, yes it can be misused, yes (in certain cases) it has been linked to mental illness (although there has to be a predisposition towards such illnesses for cannabis to have an affect).


There is not a single recorded death linked to the use of cannabis in its natural form

Caffiene kills more people than cannabis

Cannabis is good for your health and is linked to fighting many illnesses

The controll and taxation of the herb would boost the economy substantially

taking it out of the hands of criminals would reduce the prison population and increase puplic safety

educating children about the advantages and disadvantages of using it would reduce misuse

legalisation would allow scientists to grow it without having to go through tight regulations and procedures meaning research into its medicinal properties would speed up dramatically.


I hate to think that because I occasionally use cannabis I am labelled a criminal. I am a hard working member of society with lots to give, why should I be put into the same catergory as petty theifs, vandals and other undesireables?

When I want to smoke cannabis I have to go directly to criminals for it, I have to put myself in danger and also risk exposure to harder drugs.

The legalisation, taxation and regulation of cannabis would see our society evolve into a more productive, wealthy society.

Besides its recreational and medicinal benefits, Hemp is one of the most versatile natural products in the world: Cheaper, longer lasting clothing, better paper, brilliant fibre.

The benefits outweigh the problems by a long shot. It can and will be misused but the same happens with alcohol and other legal drugs and the affects of alcohol misuse are a lot worse than the affects of cannabis misuse.

Come on Government, get your act together and do the right thing.

Why does this idea matter?

It is improtant because thousands and thousands of good people will no longer be labeled as criminals.

The economy will boom leading to an increased spending in public sectors in dire need of extra funding: Education, policing, nhs and a plerithora of other areas.


There will be a deeper understanding of the plant and many of its charecteristics can be exploited without having to go through strict procedures to obtain a growers license.

Decriminalisation doesn't solve anything it needs to be legalised, regulated and taxed.

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