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Legalize all Drug use.

Comment 2nd July 2010

This would hopefully reduce the influence of the Foul drug dealer filth.£50,000 a year to keep an addict in jail!?They commit a crime to pay for their Drugs.If the govt are supplying the drugs they can ensure constant supply at a vastly reduced cost,and they would also be saving Vast amounts in confinement costs.£50,000 a year!!!Multiply that a few thousand times!How much is the Total cost?? Rehabilitation does NOT happen in Jail in most cases.Dont just react to circumstances,prevent them in the first place,Use a bit of common sense,and Intelligence,Anticipate,Think ahead!

Why does this matter?

It is vital for the Fabric of the Nation,We are Jailing twice as many people as anyone in Western Europe!Whats Wrong with this country.Do the people in (sometimes poorly paid) Dead end Office jobs demand revenge on other people who dont live life like they do!?We are becoming Spineless bullies,Single mums.the Unemployed etc are the cause of all our troubles,Not the Super Rich who fiddle Taxes.

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