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Legalize automatic knives

Comment 8th July 2010

I think that it should be legal to own and carry an automatic knife.

Why does this matter?

Automatic knives are safer to use than folding knives because the former can be opened without the user having to touch the blade, whereas the latter require the use of two hands and the blade must be handled to open and close. it is especially helpful to handicapped people who have normal use of only one hand or arm to be able to own an automatic knife.

The concern that such knives could be used in fights should not carry such weight that ordinary law abiding adults are deprived of a very useful and safe tool.

In California, this has been accepted as an appropriate measure, I understand, since it has been realized that in knife fights, the knife used is open long before the fight is started and also that criminals will possess them whether legal or not. Hence a ban has a mainly negative effect on law-abiding citizens and it ought to be removed.

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