Legalize Cannabis and Tax it

To help tackle the deficit Cannabis could be legalized and taxed. The resulting revenue would be collosal and could be used to pay for useful things in society such as Health, Education and so on. This would have the added benefit of removing nasty criminals from the loop and ensure that the distribution of Cannabis was under the auspices of Government rather than organized crime. The Govt should wake up and accept that Cannabis is already widely used in the UK and will continue to be so. We no longer have to pander to the old fashioned morality which suggests that Cannabis use is somehow immoral as it is not. It is NOT a vote loser but a vote winner so  politicians don't have to worry about being elected. Please see sense and do this. It makes sense on EVERY LEVEL. The politician who has the courage to introduce this as policy would be EXTREMELY POPULAR INDEED.

Why does this idea matter?

It is important as it will raise collossal amounts of money for the exchequer and will eliminate the activity of nasty immoral criminals and give power back to Government

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