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Legalize, Control and Tax Reacrational Drugs

Comment 2nd July 2010

The government should take recreational drugs out of the hands of gangsters by producing, controlling, distributing and taxing these substances, to be sold only to adults in licenced vendors. As with alohol and tobacco

Why does this matter?

The misuse of drugs act 1971 did not state that prohibition was the *only* course of action, and that the laws should change with new scientific evidence, and relative harm.

Prohibition of drugs has not, and never will work. It only pushes the business of recreational drug use into the hands of gangsters, wastes police time, and makes 'criminals' out of decent citizens. The very fact alcohol – one of the most harmful drugs to society and the individual – is legal, whereas a virtually inniocuous substance like cannabis is illegal, shows the irrationality and hypocisy of this law.

They calls illegal drugs 'controlled substances', when while illegal it is completely out of control. The only way to control them is to end prohibition. This has worked in Portugal and the Netherlands, and will work here.
 Oh, and by taxing them, we could work our way out of recession without cutting vital public services

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