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Legalize Pirate Radio

Comment 6th July 2010

My Idea is to legalize a number of pirate radio stations that provide niche or additional programming that the commercial stations do not provide, and also legalize low powered unlicensed stations (under 20W), so that even the smallest communities can experience radio that is local to them.

Why does this matter?

Ofcom has chucked out much propaganda that all pirate radio stations are involved with drugs, organized crime and the exploitation of DJs and the like. Many have fond memories of Pirate Radio Stations such as Radio Caroline and they provided a service for the growing demand of commerical music, today Pirate Radio provides valuable programming that is not provided by the Commerical providers or the BBC since they tend not to be financially viable formats. However the laws that affect Pirate Radio broadcasters is harsh, operating a pirate radio station could land one in prison for over a year, sometimes two, (similar to what child molesters receive in terms of sentances), have their equipment taken by the authorities and banned from involving themselves with radio for a number of years. The Radio broadcasting regulations are evidently in the favour of the BBC and Commerical Radio Broadcasters and there is little room for independent, community-orientated radio. Low Power Unlicensed broadcasts should be legalized!

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