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Legislate to install an independant regulatory authority to control Councils

Comment 9th July 2010

I have had a serious problem with Hampshire County Council requiring me to involve my member of parliament. In the course of discussions his representative commented that he held little hope of resolving the problem because County (and City) Councils were a law unto themselves. I think this is unacceptable as they should be accountable to the people that pay for them and their services – the local tax payer.

I would like Parliament to install an independant regulatory authority, with teeth, that could deal with taxpayer's complaints against their local councils just as we have for other public services – Gas, electricity, water, telephones, etc.

I think this is long overdue.

Why does this matter?

Because at the moment we have no effective method of redressing our complaints against the actions of our local councils, and they take advantage of this fact by taking actions which are often not in the public interest.

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