Less Tax

The new government initiative to hand over the running of some services to local groups/volunteers etc is a very good idea. Except that they will then be doing less for us in return for the same money – more money actually because they have announced tax rises.

So in the name of fairness and freedom they should reduce taxes; and if we take in to account that every government has shed the running of something or other since the seventies, we, the taxpayer should actulally be getting a rebate. (I will take 1.5 million of mine in share options and the rest in cash: thanks very much)

OK I know some bankers have ruined the government and now they have to ruin us in turn so we will soon pay everything in return for nothing but ths site IS about freedom and fairness isnt it?

Why does this idea matter?

Surely there must be at least one brief time in every millenium when a government is actually fair to its people? No? OK –  thought so.

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