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Let homosexuality be seen on TV at any time of the day

Comment 13th July 2010

I am not a homosexual but think it's disgusting that in this day and age homosexuality does not exist on our televisions until the evenings. How are we supposed to teach our children that it's perfectly alright to be homosexual if they are not allowed to be exposed to it from the word go. Some narrow minded individuals will kick up a fuss of course but who cares? By not exposing our children to the variety in sexualities from a young age it just shows us as being an ignorant and prejudice country and we will never stop homophobia. And whilst I'm on the subject of homosexuality, why is the legal age limit different to hetrosexuality. It's not exactly an equal society is it?

Why does this matter?

Because without a change in this law we will continue to live in a homophobic society.

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