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Let teacher’s teach!

Comment 3rd July 2010

Teachers have far too much interference in the classroom. They must be the most observed professional in the public sector. Parents soon know if their child is unhappy at school or not progressing and if they don't like the school, they can move their child.


Reduce or scrap Ofsted – no-one stands over a surgeon while they are perfoming heart surgery and rates them. No-one observes a judge in court to se of he or she is judging correctly. No-one stands next to a fireman as he puts out a fire, so why are teachers observed so much?


Teachers should have a much greater say in the way they teach so that the children, whom they know best will reach their full potential.

Why does this matter?

The ideas are important because the current education system is forcing children into higher education and universities, downgrading degrees and allowing too many graduates onto the job market. Many will never get a graduate post and become unhappy and disillusioned, never mind having a large debt. Let children be children, let teachers teach and let the curruiculum be set according to the abilities and strengths of the child – with of course some minimum standards in terms of maths, english and IT.

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