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Lethal Force to be reasonably to defend ones home and life in the event of burglary.

I have just returned from a week away in the Republic of Ireland. It caught my attention on the news in Ireland that a new law had been passed by their parliament following a highly prominant case over there. It basically enshrined in law that if an intruder is killed by lethal force by the occupant of the home and is reasonably used this would be acceptable.

Why does this matter?

I think what it all boils down to is the fact that it helps people to feel safe in the comfort of their own homes. This law just raises the comfort for the person who lives within their own home and are not frightened by the prospect of landing themselves with time in prison for using lethal force against an intruder. I guess you have to decide for yourself whats fair at the end of the day. Is it fair that the occupant of a home have the same rights as the intruder? 'If a burgular came running at me in my own home?'…thats what you have to ask yourself. I personally think it would be foolish to assume it would be a burgular considering the number of deaths caused by murder in this country. A plus point by creating such a law on the statute book may deter potential burgulars and help reduce the crime rate. If this sort of thing is acceptable in the Republic of Ireland couldn't we adopt the same aspect in law? I do think it should be looked at and it's important to help people feel more secure within the security of their own home or place of work etc. But I would reitterate for leathal force to be used it would have to be within reason to do so.

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