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Let’s acknowledge that quangos are not all bad!

Comment 22nd July 2010

There has been a lot of press coverage about NDPBs (quangos), mostly negative and – erroneously – suggesting that they are universally an unnecessary waste of money.

The ones that have been abolished so far are very small and – surely – don't represent huge savings. There are others that employ more people and cost more BUT they do perform essential services which would have to be done by someone: abolishing them would not save money. Again it''s all about ideology, not what is practical or necessary. Most important of all, however, is that NDPBs are distanced in some measure from government, ministries and the civil service and provide an important element of independent scrutiny of government policy and strategy.

IF – and it's a very big IF – there is any truth in the notion that this govt is trying to roll back the long arm of government interference in daily life then it will appreciate the independent stance and objectivity that NDPBs can provide.

If this website and all the other posturing of this appalling govt are just a sham then they will carry on abolishing some very valuable public bodies.

Why does this matter?

Because NDPBs perfom many important functions and provide a very necessary element of independence from the government machine.

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