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Lets have a proper debate about global warming

Comment 22nd February 2015

We need an unbiased debate about whether or not global warming is happening and if it is man made.

This is an issue where the argument was closed down and any dissenters pilloried. Many eminent scientists including David Bellamy (remember him he used to be on the BBC until he refused to toe the global warming line) have expressed disagreement with the way this debate has been politicised.

Why does this matter?

This is important because we need to appreciate that with fossil fuels running out we need to find an alternative. The facts over gw are constantly being amended to suit the pre agreed conclusions. If we are not careful we will volunteer ourselves to pay massive carbon taxes to have the privelege of burning up the last barrels of oil. We have the technology to be self sufficient in energy (nuclear) but do not use it.

The current panic over gw clouds the issue that is really important. How do we keep the lights on when there is no oil left.

The gw issue has been strangely quiet since Labour has been booted out. Perhaps they have been too busy fighting an election to brief the BBC.

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