Licence Growers

The Labour government were determind to demonize Cannabis all along, together with the media they took Cannabis from a soft drug that was on the verge of legalisation to a dangerous drug that was breeding nut-cases.

Remember 97?  It was widely rumoured, (or cynically spun) that the newlabour gov would legalise Cannabis to such an extent that Jack Straw in his first speech as home secretary had to denounce the speculation.


The real danger from Cannabis for people and society is the huge amount of black market profit it generates.

By licencing private individuals to 'grow their own' you can begin to de-value this natural herb and focus resources on more dangerous addictive drugs.

Why does this idea matter?

Everybody in this country who wants to smoke Cannabis IS SMOKING IT, the laws do nothing but provide the police with soft targets, clog up the legal system and generate millions of pounds for the last people on earth who should be in control of huge sums of cash.

Licencing growers would generate income for the government thorough a licence fee, and start to dismantle the black market by taking the supply away from major drug dealers to smaller networks of users.


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