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Licensing Authority

Comment 29th July 2010

The role of the police should not be to issue licences, but to enforce the law. In both the Hungerford and Dunblane tragedies, the criminals had attempted to join shooting clubs and been rejected. In both cases, the police issued a licence in spite of this. The Licensing authority should include the national governing bodies, such as the NRA.

The serving of a probationary period in a shooting club meens that applicants for licences are scrutinised and trained in basic safety by experts who have been shooting safely for many years. Unsuitable persons are a;ways recognised and should not be allowed access to firearms.

ALL licence holders, INCLUDING THOSE WHO HOLD LICENCES FOR HUNTING, should be trained in basic safety on a range, this is best brought about by making it a requirement that all shooters should be club members.

The practise of issueing licences by the police forces to untrained and un-scrutinised persons who happen to have land to shoot on should cease.

Why does this matter?

It will result in the judgement of the suitability of an applicant to hold and use fireams being made by experts in the field and not by overworked police forces who do not know the applicant well enough to make this judgement.

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