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Comment 5th August 2010

A Life sentance should mean that – LIFE in prison, otherwise what is the point of calling it that. If you are sentanced to 'Life' then you should not be allowed out of prison EVER, until the end of your life. The people who have had loved ones killed are sickened by the incomprehensible sentences that are passed in this country.  That someone who kills someone can be alowed out of prison after just a few years is like demeaning the persons life and the murderer must be laughing. Only until it happens to those who pass these sentences will they realise what they have done and what it is like to know that someone who killed your loved one still has THEIR life and freedom, this is not JUSTICE.

Why does this matter?

Because taking a persons life away is the worst thign you can do, it is the most important thing in this world and its punishment shoudl be the highest possible punishment available. 

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