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lift ban on drugs

Comment 13th July 2010

As we all know, some idiot believes that the way to  make drugs safe is to ban them and pretend there not there. NOT THE CASE IDIOT!!  Making drugs illegal makes the person using the drug a criminal, when in some cases the user is a law abiding citizen that just fancy's a lil buzz on the weekend or getting stoned and watching a funny film for laughs. LEGALISING DRUGS MAKES THEM SAFER! NOT GOING TO BE MIXED WITH OTHER CHEMICALS IF THE GOVERNMENT CAN CONTROL IT. FOR INSTANCE, LEGALISING CANNABIS, ADDING A AGE RESTRICTION AND THEM SELLING IN SHOPS PRODUCES REVENUE

Why does this matter?

whether you like the idea or not, drugs are a part of society and making them legal will not only reduce crime rates but will see tourism rise, financial problems evaporate and the main thing is it would produce jobs. make them safe and legalise most drugs!  CONTROLLING AND TAXING IS THE ANSWER TO ALL PROBLEMS INVOLVING DRUGS!!!!!  (and i personally hate the stuff but know what the right way is to go about it!)

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