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LIFT SMOKING BAN IN PUBS & CLUBS at management’s discretion

Comment 5th July 2010

Let publicans decide whether to allow smoking in their establishments. Let CIU Clubs decide whether to lift the ban in their establishments. Give Pubs & Clubs, Bingo Halls, Betting Shops and other adult establishments the power to decide whether they want to lift the ban in adult over 18 establishments. Get rid of Nanny State Politics. Let the people decide.

Why does this matter?

The Pub Trade, Clubs, Bingo Halls etc. are dying since the smoking ban was put in place.

Many people now stay at home, because they don't want to stand ouside in all weathers to have a smoke.

Now the very ambience of pubs is changing as they fight to survive by becoming eating establishments and allowing in children.

Adults need somewhere to relax & enjoy a pint and a smoke if they want to without children running around. Please uphold British Traditions – SAVE OUR PUBS & CLUBS!

Our traditional social life is threatened by the smoking ban…. please reverse the Smoking Ban in adult establishments. 

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