Limit benefit payments

As we are facing some tough choices there should be a limit on the total amount of benefits that are payable to any household, and benefits should not be paid to anyone who is not a British citizen and/or anyone who is not permanently resident in the UK.

There are many cases of households and asylum seekers being paid thousands of pounds, in some cases tens of thousands of pounds, in benefits when they have not contributed to the tax system.

We should have a maximum limit on the total amount of benefits that can be paid to an individual/household.  The limit should be set at, say, 75% of the income (wages and tax credits, etc.) that an equivalent individual/household on the minimum wage could legally achieve.  This would mean that those returning to work would be better off than they would on benefits and would help to make work pay.

Why does this idea matter?

The benefits system, in all its forms, is a substantial burden on the UK economy/tax payers.  The Government is having to make some tough choices to help balance the books and setting a limit on the amount of benefits could make a substantial contribution to meeting the government's targets as well as making work pay.

Lets incentive people to get back into work rather than encouranging them to stay at home.

Anyone who is not a british citizen could be accommodated in government funded hostels where they will be fed and clothed, etc. until they are granted asylum/citizenship or deported.  Anyone who choses not to live in the UK should forfeit their right to any UK benefits, except the state pension, provided they have made appropriate contributions to that.

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