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Limit Ministers to deciding %ages of budget

Comment 15th March 2013

Rather than allowing Governments to decide random numbers for departmental budgets that may or may not be affordable I would propose they decide what percentage of tax revenues are alloted to each major department, i.e. Welfare, Education, Defence, Infrasructure, Health, Justice and Foreign Affairs.

Whatever is left after paying off our debt interest is split up using this system and handed to each department. If there is a cry for more cash in one department it must be combined with a proposal detailing which other department is overfunded and why a re-allocation would better serve the country.

Why does this matter?

It would be the fairest means of eliminating the defecit and the best means (short of a constitutional directive) of ensuring the country does not fall into debt again.

It would bring into sharp relief the value of money as every department found itself under massive scrutiny from other departments as well as anyone with an interest in state services.

It would remove the easy option of simply blaming the Government for cuts and force people and departments to think very hard about value for money.

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