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Limit number of new laws per year

Comment 23rd July 2010

Parliament should only be allowed to pass one new law per month. This will result in fierce prioritising and dropping of much new legislation. This should be enshrined in a written constitution that requires a referendum to change it.

Much of the interference in our lives could be curbed. Parliamentary hours would be vastly reduced.

The quality of our laws would be improved. MPs would take a new role as servants of the country instead of its lords and masters.

Why does this matter?

Every government feels the need to justify its existence by passing new legislation the whole time. That is why we get silly divisive laws that have to be repealed a few years later.

It is why we have a pendulum swing on some issues instead of considered, evidence based, lawmaking.

It is why some topics become political footballs instead of being considered on their merits.

It is why government ends up interfering in more and more of our lives.

It would force goverment and its agencies to find solutions to problems within existing laws instead of wasting parliamentary time.

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