List the daftest laws!

There were literally thousands of laws passed by the previous government over more than a decade.  (source: Current government).  The person in the street cannot possibly know a fraction of them, so why not have a page with the law and a brief summary?

Most would agree (I think) that in general, anything that (a) defies common sense as the majority see it, (b) constrains individual liberty, (c) puts power into the hands of the state- not the people, and (d) puts idealism before practicality and affordability; should be abolished, therefore listed in that priority.

A free-for-all list of ideas would be extremely costly to read, process and filter – if indeed, they were actually read,


Why does this idea matter?

  1. Awareness of all the laws involved.  Very low.
  2. The risk of populism/knee jerking by government.
  3. Make this a manageable, cost-effective project.

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