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Local Acts

Comment 6th July 2010

Around the country there are a number of local acts dealing with the design and construction of buildings. Most of these acts place a requirement on the builduing relating to fire safety.


These acts often conflict with what is required in the neighboring town or city. If the requirement is a good idea it should be adopted nationally.If not then why is it there? Just to give the local authority or fire authority some power.


The previous government commissioned a report on this topic and the report concluded that ALL local acts should be repealed as they are acting against the best interests of development, and affecting growth. However nothing was done about them. It is now time to take these acts off the statute book as they do not fulfil a useful purpose.

Why does this matter?

It is improtatnt as the imposition of these acts does inhibit developemnt of buildings by placing unneccessary burdens onto developers.

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