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Local Housing Allowance

Comment 9th July 2010

Stop paying this to the tenant. Since this came in there has been a major rise in rent arrears.

This money is given by the taxpayers of this country to help and or pay in full rent for those who are on low incomes or on benefits. Many of these people (usually those who live only on benefits) choose not to hand over the money to landlords. They know the system, they know it takes time to be evicted and meanwhile they have a few hundred extra pounds a month as spending money.

LHA should by default go directly to the landlord. To claim LHA the recipient requires a lease. Leases are usually for 6 months at a time. When the claim is made and agreed by the Local Authority it should be paid for the full six months direct to the landlord. If the tenant is one of those who usually 'moves on' after four-five months leaving a bomb site behind them they will have a major problem in getting another property as they cannot make a new claim until the full six months has been paid on the original lease.


Why does this matter?

We have a sub strata within our society who do not live by the rules but will suck the system dry any way they can.

Giving them the LHA as part of their 'income' and trying to teach them to budget etc is baloney!

They move in – pay nothing – trash the place – sell piping/boilers etc and then disappear before any action through the courts is completed. They then do the same thing elsewhere.

As a taxpayer I dont like the idea that they are being given hundreds of pounds with no constraints on how they spend it.

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