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Local Licensing Regulations

Comment 17th July 2010

The local Licensing laws should not be extended to apply to a small church or charitable fund raiser in a private garden by the arbitrary decision of a local council (in this case Medway, Kent). Such events have taken place for decades without any nuisance being caused and with the support of local people.  It is ironic that the same Act seems unable to protect local people from real disturbance caused that effects people's lives.  Please protect small charitable events (say <100 or <200 people) on private property from coming under this legislation. 

Why does this matter?

Without curtailing this legislation so that it applies in accordance with the original intention many of those who volunteer ,and who are essential to the wellbeing of vast numbers in this country, will feel that the struggle to raise charitable funds has just become too difficult. and will stop their efforts.  The long term effect of this is that in many cases it will cost the Government more.

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