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London Lorry Control Scheme

Comment 16th July 2010

I think this law should be repealed, it is bad for the environment, trucks have to drive more miles than is necessary to deliver goods. Bad for business, increasing costs, bad for consumers, increasing the cost of their goods & services & the fines are punative for business and individual drivers who mistakenly transgress the law event in a minor way. It also increases the number of trucks on the roads of London. Nick it repeal will help meet carbon targets. It's a win win.

The worse part about it is it does not reduce the number of trucks on the roads of london during peak periods. I work in  the event industry and example of this ludicrous law is:

I send a truck to load at Bow with the aim od delivering to the Royal Albert Hall, the driver has to drive out on the A13 to the north Circular, driver around the north Circular & pick up the M4/A4 – Cromwell Road, turn into Exhibition road and onto Prince Consort Road adding miles to the journey and passing more houses in the suburbs than straight through the city.


Another Example we collect in SE1 to go to the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lan a journey of 3,5 miles normally, the routing using the LLCS is just shy of 20 miles…rediculous.


The law was formed in 1986 when there was little concern for human effect on the climate and should be repealed.


Why does this matter?

Carbon emmission reduction

reducing business costs

Reducing consumer prices

Pollution reduction

Noise Pollution reduction

Punative fines that are unnecessary

Making people work harder without reason

I could go on, it's an unreasonable law framed in the 80's

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