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Lower marriage visa age back from 21 to 18

4 Comments 15th July 2010

Restore the civil liberrties of young adults to choose a marriage partner in the same way as older adults.

The minimum age for a marriage visa was recently raised from 18 to 21, supposedly to combat "forced marriage."

I think this is highly inconsistent with both the 'normal' marriage age and with the age of majority.

Why does this matter?

The increased age has led to law-abiding citizens being separated or forced to leave the UK.

The authorities have bizarrely claimed that 18-year-olds are "not responsible enough" to make the life-long commitment to marry an international spouse, but yet are deemed responsible enough to marry a UK spouse, and, for example, to stand for Parliament.

The ban is not proportionate because it applies to all 18-20 year-olds, even where there is no suggestion that the marriage is forced.  It is an attack on the civil liberties of 18-20 year-old adults to choose a partner and marry in the same way as older adults.

It would be better to clearly outlaw forced marriage, and crack down heavily on suspected cases of actual forced marriage.

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4 Responses to Lower marriage visa age back from 21 to 18

  1. klamo bi says:

    please just lower the age back to 18 years old again.

  2. asid says:

    this law is going against the human rights, this is because we all should be able to be with the person we love and not forced to be separated, just think if you was in our position how you would feel. we get one chance in life so why are you doing this to us.

  3. sumaiya says:

    The law has to be changed. It is upsetting many partners that love each other. I am going through alot i have got my education and m engaged with my partner whom i love alot. I want meet him its been over a year we hav not met and we hav been engaged for 2 years. I have got exams coming up in november and m unable to focus on my studies, as i am thinking about him 24/7. Please get 18 law back!!!!

  4. Amar says:

    Yes its 21 to 18 finally

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