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Lowering The drinking age to 16

Comment 8th July 2010

The uk drinking age should be lowered to 16 because teenagers will be rebellious at 16 because they know they cant drink at 16 but they will do anyway, so if you lower the drinking age to 16 many teenagers will not see the point in drinking at that age because they are allowed to, and if teenagers are allowed to drink in pubs/bars/restaurant where the barman can say enough is enough and stop serving them drinks then they will be in a safe and controlled enviroment, so make the drinking age 16 but also make it law to not serve anyone already drunk alchol.

Why does this matter?

treating 16 yearolds as adults, means you trust them enough to drink alchol in a pub/bar/restaurant where it is controlled and safe and might make less of an impact because the barman can say enough is enough and stop serving them anymore alchol and other pubs/bars/restaurants will not be able to sell them more alchol becuase of the law saying not to serve alchol to people who are dunk already.

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