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Magna Carta 1215

Comment 9th July 2010

Im sorry, did i miss something !?! everyone has seemingly forgotten the one and only TRUE law of this Land ? Common Law – MAGNA CARTA 1215.

Fellow free sentient natural human beings, try to contemplate the truth behind who it is that you actually are, and not what-your-let-to-belive-you-are. The clearly visable attempt to fudge reality is truly in effect if 'the powers that be' are asking for statute ammendments from the public at large, whilst not for one instance reminding us of  MAGNA CARTA 's existance and Dominance in our LAW (On the land- not the sea..) is near on unforgivable .. shame on you guys .. you gone an insulted our personal & collective intelligence and that just wont do.

Forget trying to adjust statutes and acts etc etc with the hopes that somewhow they can be of use to us the people, as satutes and acts were designed to punish us 'the chattle' / Surfs for 'crimes' that dont actually exist in reality, but thru conditioned fear of 'threat' from supposed  'authority','  folks just tend to comply without retort, giving their 'consent' to be on the wrong end of a security transaction, this is pure insanity. Forget amiralty law, equity law, commercial law or all the other quite decietful Statutes and Acts that are given the force of law if consented to by the governed (YOU)

The common law of this land is as close to perfect a law as we a free sovereighn nation will ever need .. we THE PEOPLE OF THIS ONCE GREAT LAND are indeed protected from oppression and tyranny by MAGNA CARTA 1215, and in its contents we find the truth and protections without the loss of Liberty, Freedom and Justice ..  it doesnt get any simpler to 'understand' than its 3 basic tenants;- No Harm, No Injury, No loss  ..   NO CRIME .. thats it. 

ALL STATUTES,ACTS, BY-LAWS are Commercial law ( of the sea) NOT Common Law (of the land) .. Commercial law is dealing with 'legal fictions' not real people, commercial law needs your consent AS A REAL NATURAL FLESH AND BLOOD HUMAN to bring 'false' charges against you, YOU MUST CONSENT !! ..  SIMPLE IF YOU DONT LIKE THE OFFER (CONTRACT) DONT GIVE THEM YOUR CONSENT. The video below perhaps might help.

Peace and love to you all.


Why does this matter?

Because in reality it is the truth, and only the truth will suffice.

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