Make ageism illegal

I'm sick to death of people, mostly OAPs that think that all young people are the same, the stereotype that all we want to do is put bricks through your car windows and graffiti your driveways. I'm fed up. Let me give you an example. I was on holiday once in Wales and we arrived and immediately an old man came up to me and said that he'd seen me throwing a brick into his neighbour's window, i was wondering what on Earth he was on about i hadn't even been to Wales before and i live in England. He threatened to call the police because he thought i had a knife and i was wearing a shell suit and that i had loads of friends on BMX bikes that would beat him up. He thought this because i'm just another young person.  This must stop now! Please comment

Why does this idea matter?

It is just another form of discrimination and is totally unfair towards young people, I didn't ask for this view of young people so why should I have to deal with the threats from others.

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