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Make EMA Fair

Comment 13th July 2010

EMA is unfair and should be revised. The majority of kids in this country dont need or deserve EMA. Kids shouldn't be paid in order to go to college they should want to learn already instead of going in and wasting government money just for their £30. Children are getting ridiculous amounts of money which are apparantly for learning costs when it doesnt even cost a fraction of what they are given and they are also spending it on things such as alcohol. The kids who get EMA are the privelaged ones not the ones that come from a higher earning family as they have free money to spend whenever they feel like. £100 bounuses are given out for no reason which is a ridiculous sum and it is leaving others with nothing. Why should someone who is already getting money every week be given a bonus to keep them occupied during holidays because they are working. People who dont get EMA also work too and they are not being rewarded for it like others. Their are rarely any family's in britain who give their child £30 a week to spend on what they feel like, instead they pay taxes so that a child that isnt their own is getting their money.

Rethink EMA it is one of the most unfair schemes in the government and wastes alot of government money. Stop giving Ema receivers bonuses and give it to the kids who getting nothing for their hard work.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because ema is an unfair scheme which makes the kids who the government thinks are under privelaged more privelaged than the kids who are and get nothing

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