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Make government and private enterprise finance pensions properly

Comment 12th July 2010

Many in private enterprise raided pension funds and had 'payment holidays' when times were good.


Now times are bad they whinge about the public sector. They also use arguments of greed and envy for their own purposes.


Why not come up with a proper plan to finance pensions for the whole nation that includes both government guarantee and proper investment in valuable assests?


Also: why not take steps to stop the asset stripping of pension investments by foreign 'equity investment' organisations, who buy badly managed businesses from pension funds, asset strip them, and the sell them back to the pension funds on the basis that they are 'more efficient'?  How much of our pension money ends up in other countries instead of being properly managed at home? Government could do more to protect against this.

Why does this matter?

Because the mess we are in is the fault of government and private enterprise and not the fault of workers in the public sector.  It is the result of bad management by governments and the result of short-termism by the public sector.


Because with some proper management on the part of government, we could have a pension system that is not divisive and which works for everyone.

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