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Make metric labelling compulsory as the primary unit of measurement on all items sold in all UK retailers

Comment 19th July 2010

45 years ago, an elected UK Government acting on the advice of UK industry, announced the adoption of the metric system in 1975. This change brought tremendous benefits to UK businesses especially those whose trade involves international collaboration. The massive investment from overseas car manufacturers (eg Nissan, Honda & Toyota) demonstrates the need to use a near- universally adopted system of measurements. The education of the Imperial system of measurements was phased out in 1974 but the overall progress to complete metrication has been slower than planned due to wavering Goverment commitment in the face of a small but orchestrated campaign against the metric system. However, the public at large seem to accept metric and most everyday products are now sold exclusively in metric. I believe the time is now right to start converting the remaining key products areas into metric, namely clothing, shoes and TV/monitor screen sizes. Imperial sizes could still be mentioned as a secondary measure to help with the transition until a date 5 years hence when all Imperial measures should disappear forever

Why does this matter?

We teach our kids metric in schools, and gave done for 30 years. We need to start getting everyone conversant in metric in all our daily lives. I do believe that we are 75% complete in metrication and this final push will result in a clean break from the old system which fewer and fewer people understand.

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