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Make Police comply with Data Protection laws for Vetting

Comment 12th July 2010

The Police service seems to think that it is not covered by the DPA when it comes to Vetting decisions for employees/prospective employees. They are also allowed to withhold information and don't have to tell you if they are withholding anything, or why. What nonsense.

Any organisation should have to say if

a) they are withholding any data; and

b) if so, on what grounds.

Otherwise you can never know what wrong information they may hold about you.

Why does this matter?

Devon & Cornwall Police refused to tell me why I had failed vetting. I eventually discovered that they had incorrect information from a previous employer. More worryingly, by sheer fluke I discovered that Thames valley Police had told them that I was arrested for a crime in 1998. I've never been arrested and in fact was a serving police officer at the time of the theft. This information was never disclosed under the Subject Access request.

I now have to try to prove it wasn't me – all because the Police refused to talk to me about what information they had been given. They should be made to comply with ICO Code of Practice on Vetting.

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