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Make Postal Addresses+Postcodes freely Available

Comment 3rd July 2010

Postcode and the associated address data should be freely available to all, in easy to use formats.


Why does this matter?

There are a number of reasons why this idea is important:

1. Addresses "belong" to us,the citizen, the Post office should not have a monopoly on the only full set of correct addresses in the UK.

2. In many cases we can not make the most of data being freed up by government because we don't have access to detailed address data.

3. the benefits of freeing up this data to the UK are often estimated at in excess of £1bn per year, far in excess the costs which are less than £20m per year to The PO.

4. Local government produce a similar data set for internal use, at a cost of many millions, to try and avoid paying royalties to the PO. All cost directly related to this could be avoided if the Post Office data was free to use.

Whilst it is financially beneficial to the PO to continue this monopoly it is financially disadvantageous to the government sector as a whole and limits social, political and commercial activity unnecessarily.

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