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Make residents in independent care homes subject to the Human Rights Act

Comment 2nd July 2010

How unjust that convicted criminals in UK prisons are permitted their human rights (frequently claiming massive compensation for the 'terrible' indignity of slopping out, poor dentistry etc ) while law abiding pensioners who reside in a private care home are not.

Stories of cruelty and neglect that cannot be prosecuted under the Human Rights Act are becoming more common as these residents (unlike those referred there by a local authority or residing in a local authority care home) are not protected by the law.

Although very recent changes mean that from October 2010 those living within a private residential home will be able to make a complaint to an independent ombudsman via their local authority it is still not the same automatic right via the Human Rights Act afforded to criminals.

It seems incredibly inhumane for this to be the case in our ‘decent society’. I urge people to demand that the government change the law.

If criminals continue to be given their Human Rights then no law abiding citizen should be denied them.

Why does this matter?

Pensioners are vulnerable members of society just as children are.

We owe it to them not to just abandon them to the 'market economy' of private care homes where profit is king.

As the Pulp song goes – '…one day you'll be older too'.

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