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make tendering for low value contracts easier

Comment 2nd July 2010

The process of applying for small government contracts (less than a 100k), mainly support services, e.g IT services, Cleaning, Office supplies, Catering should be simplified.  All regulations requiring having certain policies in place relating to Health and Safety, employees etc, should be scrapped.  It is preventing small business applying for these contracts.  These rules should only apply to larger value contracts in excess of £100k.  All small value contracts should be on one database which anyone can login and bid for without pre qualification.

Why does this matter?

We need to cut all the red tape around government tendering to ensure three things.  Firstly it will encourge small businesses to apply for governement contracts.  Secondly it will allow the governement to select from a wider variety of bidders.  Presently a few big comapnies have all the service contracts tied up.  Thirdly the wider the variety of businesses servicing government contracts the better for the economy and job creation.

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