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Make the Highways Agency 4x4s be in a different colour to Police Patrols!

Comment 6th July 2010

Even been on the motorway when it suddenly slows down to 50mph all because someone ahead saw a highways agency 4×4, assumed it was the police and instinctively braked even though they were doing 70mph anyway?! Next thing you know, the entire rush hour traffic is doing 50mph on a motorway.  Brilliant.  

I think the vehicles should not be allowed to have their livery that close to Police.  The refelctive battenberg squares and the lights on top (thats you cant tell arent blue until your 1 metre away) and the fact that 'Traffic Officer" is in the same font and size on the back bumper!!  

You get the smug look as you pass them too, the look of 'yeah, you thought I was a copper'.  So I give them the look back of 'Yeah, if I didnt get into the Police I wouldn't pretend".  


Why does this matter?

An extra layer of stress relief on motorways.  motorways are stressful places at the best of times, and having to also worry whether or not the person in front is going to jump on the brakes for no reason whatsoever is totally ludicrous.  I believe my idea will do it's bit to make the motorways a safer place to be.  

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