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Make the NHS safe for patients and front line staff.

Comment 2nd July 2010

As the NHS is now viewed as a business with its expensive internal markets (and patients and front line staff are regarded as a drain on resources), I propose a new regulation!  This regulation would demand safe staffing levels of nursing and medical staff.  It would give patient care back to the professionals.  It would give a legal assurance that whistle blowers had a right to voice their concerns and that 'gagging' clauses in contracts would be illegal.

Although expenditure in the NHS has been ringfenced – it has changed not a thing!  Non-jobs are still being advertised (with a salary double that of a newly qualified nurse) and the NHS has become a social club for those who mismanage (at great financial cost) our health system.

For health professionals, the NHS has become a dangerous environment to work and it is considerably more dangerous for the patients as there are not enough quailified staff on a ward to  provide safe and appropriate care.  Staff are scared!

Please really listen to front line staff!

Why does this matter?

The NHS was a great (but not flawless) institution that provided care to all.  Now it is a business that seemingly has lost its way – to the detriment of us all!

I would recommend that if your really want to understand life at the coal face, that you read

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