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make the overselling of seats on planes illegal

Comment 21st August 2010

Legislate against airlines being able to oversell places on planes – a major source of frustration and distress to the travelling public.  They have taken the price of the ticket up front so don't lose out if someone doesn't fly.  There is no justification for telling someone they can't fly because their seat is double booked.  No other industry is allowed to do this – theatres don't ask you to come back to the next performance because they sold your seat twice.  Even restaurants don't double book tables and they aren't even paid up front!

This practice is treats customers unfairly and should be made illegal.

Why does this matter?

Because its not natural justice to  treat people in this way when they have fulfilled all their side of the transaction (paid the fee, turned up in time etc).  This does not reperesent value for money for the travelling public and gives the impression that the airlines have some protected position which allows them to treat the public badly.

Its frustrating, distressing and often has a subsequent financial penalty for the customer when it disrupts their plans for their destination.

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