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Comment 5th September 2010

I welcome ths site for the chance it offers to have our opinions heard , however i am very put off by the lack of commitment from politicans to actually enact any of these reforms.

My suggestion is that for the last month of our new fixed term palimentary sessions the house should debate the 4 most popular reforms as indicated by this site. 1 week would be allowed for each debate with the vote happening on the friday.

I would also suggest that during these debates some extra rules be applied to ensure that discussion sticks to the reforms themselves and avoids the usual parlementary shenanigans that stymie most citzen lead reform attempts.

1. Whips , Cabinet ministers and Senoir party memebers are not invited , this is not a popularity contest it is about truth and acurracy.

2. Any party political posturing or statements are prohibited with the offender being immediately ejected and having their vote cast twice for reform.This is to be governed by a member of this site who has been voted for by the other members of this site.

This initiaive would then shift the political focus from what the politicans degin to offer us to what the public wants at a crucial time just before the election.

Why does this matter?

This idea is important because it deals with one of the main problems in modern politics – the interests of the 2 main political parties are domainating the political agenda.

If the public is to be represented effectively in parliament then there must be a method for it to bypass the stranglehold party politics has on our political agenda.

Many people in this country are tired of politics being a one-way relationship where politicans have been allowed to set the agenda because they have obfuscated it with party political nonsense . This is evidenced regularly on question time where politicans frequently dodge questions with replies to the tune of  'it was worse when the others where running it'  instead of actually answering questions on the issue.

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