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Mandated volume of drinks in bars, cafes

Comment 14th July 2010

I understand that bars and cafes are required to serve drinks in certain mandated volumes. For instance, wine in 125ml, 175ml or 250ml glasses, draft beer in pints or half-pints. This has caused problems, I have heard, for a local win shop which wanted to sell tasting measures as samples – it was told that this was not possible, as tasting size measures (say 25ml or 50ml) were not permitted sizes.

Naturally, anywhere selling anything should state the size of what it's selling, but there is no need to restrict the volumes of drinbks to certain sizes. Why not sell 100ml or 150ml of wine? Or 400ml of draft beer? As long as these volumes are made clear before purchase, everyone should be happy. If there is a concern about high levels of alcohol consumption, there could be a maximum size serving. But apart from this, abolish mandated serving sizes, and let bars and cafes choose what units to serve in.

Why does this matter?

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